Contactless ATMs in Virginia

Streamline Your Banking: Discover Contactless ATM Locations in Virginia

In a world that prioritizes convenience and safety, contactless transactions have become a cornerstone of modern banking. Whether you’re a resident of Virginia or a visitor to the Old Dominion State, locating a nearby contactless ATM can simplify your financial transactions while providing an added layer of security. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the process of finding contactless ATM locations in Virginia, allowing you to bid farewell to the complexities of traditional ATMs and embrace the ease of contactless banking.

Understanding Contactless ATMs

A contactless ATM, also known as a cardless ATM or touchless ATM, is an automated teller machine that empowers you to withdraw cash without physically inserting your card. Instead, it leverages cutting-edge technology, enabling you to use your smartphone or a contactless payment card (such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay) to initiate the transaction. This innovative approach ensures not only security but also unparalleled convenience, allowing you to access your funds while minimizing physical contact with the ATM.

How to Find a Contactless ATM in Virginia

  1. Leverage Banking Apps: Most major banks offer mobile apps equipped with ATM locator features. Download your bank’s app and use it to explore nearby contactless ATMs. Ensure you’ve added your contactless payment method to the app for seamless transactions.
  2. Engage Online ATM Locator Tools: Numerous websites and ATM locator tools can assist you in locating contactless ATMs in Virginia. Explore resources such as the Allpoint Network, Mastercard’s ATM Locator, and Visa’s ATM Locator. Streamline your search by entering your precise location or ZIP code, and then filter the results to unveil contactless options.
  3. Contact Your Bank’s Customer Service: If you’re uncertain about the availability of contactless ATMs in your area, don’t hesitate to reach out to your bank’s customer service. They can provide information regarding the nearest contactless ATM locations and any associated fees.
  4. Visit Retail Locations: Many contactless ATMs are conveniently stationed within popular retail establishments, gas stations, and shopping centers across Virginia. Retail giants like 7-Eleven, Sheetz, and Speedway often host contactless ATMs. Verify their presence by consulting these specific retailers.
  5. Explore Credit Unions: Credit unions frequently offer contactless ATM services to their members. If you’re a credit union member, consider visiting their website or contacting their customer service to inquire about nearby contactless ATMs.
  6. Leverage Mobile Wallet Apps: Mobile wallet apps, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, provide comprehensive information about ATMs that accept contactless payments. Access your preferred mobile wallet and delve into the ATM locator feature to identify the nearest contactless ATMs.
  7. Investigate ATM Network Providers: Companies like Cardtronics and FIS manage extensive ATM networks. Your quest for contactless ATMs can be efficiently undertaken by exploring their websites or consulting your bank to determine if they are part of these expansive networks.


Discovering a contactless ATM in Virginia has never been more straightforward, thanks to the proliferation of mobile banking apps, online locator tools, and the widespread adoption of contactless payment technology. By strategically capitalizing on these resources and exploring various avenues, you can gain swift and secure access to your funds while effectively reducing physical contact with traditional ATMs. Embrace the shift towards heightened convenience and safety by opting for contactless transactions whenever feasible, and fully appreciate the merits of contemporary banking technology in the Old Dominion State. Bid farewell to the queues at conventional ATMs and extend a warm welcome to the realm of hassle-free, contactless banking!